If you want your Animal Crossing town to look great, it is best to create dirt paths.

Also if you play this game all the time, running everywhere, your town could eventually become a desert, which means you no longer have grass. Your grass slowly gets destroyed. If you create paths, then you have main routes to run on, meaning you WALK everywhere else. (saving your town from desertification) 

I don't have a desert, here is a link of a town that is almost a desert, but there apparently is still some grass (i couldn't find a picture of a town that had a full desert and I don't plan on destroying mine just for a picture) - 

Step 1: Designing your paths

To create dirt paths, you have to lay down designed patterns for you to run over everyday, so the first thing to do is to figure out what your patterns are going to look like. (you ARE going to have to live with them until your paths form, so they might as well look nice, right?)

So I would hope that you would know this by now, but you click on the pencil on the bottom of your screen, click on one of your patterns, select Edit Design, then design your pattern.

I prefer to have street patterns or different colored checkered designs for my pattern paths. I don't like streets though, because you can't make diagonal roads.

Tip: DO NOT use stripes, because they give you headaches while playing.
<p>Thanks, got some great tips. Does this apply to Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS?</p>
Is this on new leaf?
Very Very nice! I look forward to seeing more animal crossing instructables! <br>I used to play animal crossing a lot and right before I stopped playing I put down paths. I want to go back now and see if it looks natural! <br><br>Do you know any other cool tips?
Thank-you! But just putting the patterns down doesn't make the paths, you have to run over them until they wear down the grass making them 'natural' __________________________________________________________<br><br>Also I don't really have any tips, but I do believe that the fastest way to make bells is from foreign fruit trees. I found that planting more trees around Nook's store (which have foreign fruit) makes making bells a little bit easier. ^-^
This is so cool!

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