Dirty Laundry Bucket/chair Decor for Your Room!





Introduction: Dirty Laundry Bucket/chair Decor for Your Room!

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If your thinking of putting a chair in your room, but you can't afford one. You can just take your dirty laundry bucket, and place as a chair! You can use it as two things! A chair and a dirty laundry bucket! And it's like a real chair when your sitting on it! So comfy! Let's get started.

Step 1: Take Your Dirty Laundry Bucket

1. Take your dirty laundry bucket and place it in your room where you'd like it to be. 2. Flip your dirty laundry bucket up side down and take the lid off and place it behind the laundry bucket, because if you sit on it or pressure it, it might break. 3. Since there might be dirty clothes, or your going to put dirty clothes in it just put the clothes underneath, and if your going to put dirty clothes in it then just lift it up and place it inside.

Step 2: Get 2 Pillows to Sit On

1. Get 2 pillows to sit on, that would fit the laundry bucket, one to lean on and one to sit on. 2. Try finding a pillow that is not to big or to small to lean, and sit on. Make sure you find a pillow that is comfortable for you. And that's it! I hope you found this useful, enjoy your half dirty laundry bucket half chair! Comment please and follow me. :D



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    That negates the utility of the laundry basket AND is a less than sturdy chair. laundry baskets weren't designed to support weight like that.

    Welcome :D thanks for the tip

    What a fun way to cover it up! Those are cute pillows too :)