Picture of Dirty Soap
Everyone can use a bar of soap as a present so why not make your own bars extra special with some nudity? Spread the love!

Step 1: Find images and print them onto decal paper.

Picture of Find images and print them onto decal paper.
The images you will have to find on your own, but as for the decal paper, you just get some from here. A ten-pack of the white should be good enough for about 80 bars of soap.

Get some bars of soap that have a flat face and measure to see what your work area is. Resize and crop your image to fit.

When you get the transfer paper, just put in in your inkjet printer and print it out.
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tonybest22 days ago

this is a great idea

tonybest22 days ago

that has got to be the coolest name ever

Creak5 months ago
Very classy job covering the images. But to avoid the perverted comments you could have done nature scenes and suggested the revealing ones
Toadster7776 months ago
Where do u get your porn
thats very innoproprete...
MsJan3 years ago
I make my own bath soap due to having problems with chemicals. Like to know what is in my soap. I would never do the porn. I make all kinds of fancy one to give to friends.
I have done the same idea (minus the porn) by taking any picture or graphic, wetting the bar of soap slightly, press the picture on carefully making sure to not have bubbles or dry spots between the soap and the paper then letting it dry.
To make the picture stay on the soap, heat some paraffin to melted but not any hotter than necessary. Take off the heat. VERY carefully dip the photo side into the paraffin. Be sure to cover the paper completely. Remove from paraffin and cool.
This works for pictures, graphics and even dried flowers. The soap will stay pretty for most of the life of the soap since the paraffin side does not get used.
Only thing is to be sure to remember is that it is an adult project because of the paraffin.
Part of me is wondering, "Why disco porn?"  And another part of me is wondering, "Why not?!"
if you made your own soaps you could make like half of it in a mould then when its all dry do some more and when people wash themselves the 'dirty' pics will appear and theyll be like WTF
Dragonbone7 years ago
....be nice to blank out the rude bits with a water-soluble paint so the pix looked decent until they got used.......:-)
or even better cover the whole pic in the paint so they don't even realise it is there.
thatd be awesome
tanis93196 years ago
let nature run its coarse and remove the damn ribbon bro some of us want to see
you can cover picture with parifin wax
lobo_pal6 years ago
You can use them in the shower. x)
nnsg7 years ago
Was it DIY Porn too?
clark nnsg6 years ago
lmao grossssss
when i saw this instructable i couldn't see that there were pics on the soap and thought it was just brown and it was the soap that turns you brown when you use it hence making you dirty.
damn you ribbon!
tMav7 years ago
just remember kids, bath soap should not be used as a lubricant. it's actually a bit abrasive and will rub tender bits raw. trust me. =)
Lubricant for what?
Basic machinining. (VIRGIN EARS!)
Wats that?
LOL just... leave it at that, u'll learn in health or biology
Bartboy6 years ago
Isn't that an oxymoron?
bumpus7 years ago
damn you gift ribbon!!! you, and your uncanny ability to cover stuff!!
n8man7 years ago
Nice job of censoring. Next time, don't
Very Keri7 years ago
This has Bachelor Party written all over it!
Because men like to bathe at bachelor parties?
Odd, I must not have been looking at the bar with added text. Must have gotten distracted by something else printed on the bars... ;-p
This is awesome! I am SO going to have to make some of these for my husband, he will freak! Maybe I will 'get some' for it =D
KentsOkay7 years ago
O_O Remove the ribbon! Remove the ribbon! This is awesome! I know have an unnatural desire to scrub my entire body...
unnatural? ha ha
bumpus7 years ago
oooh, i just got an idea if your loved one is in the army, and overseas, you could put a picture of yourself in the middle of the bar of soap, so they have to be clean to look at the photo...
mcbee047 years ago
Great Idea! I made some of these with nude 50's pinups for a roller derby art show. I took it one step farther though. I bought some squares of white soap, added red dye and melted them, and then used toothpicks to apply tiny soap bikinis on my girl. They wash off when you get the soap in the shower! =)
REESE BOBBY7 years ago
why do it with porn? try with playmate candy culkin!!!!!!!!!
twenglish17 years ago
can you send me those pictures my email is twenglish1@yahoo.com
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