Picture of Dirty Soap
Everyone can use a bar of soap as a present so why not make your own bars extra special with some nudity? Spread the love!

Step 1: Find images and print them onto decal paper.

Picture of Find images and print them onto decal paper.
The images you will have to find on your own, but as for the decal paper, you just get some from here. A ten-pack of the white should be good enough for about 80 bars of soap.

Get some bars of soap that have a flat face and measure to see what your work area is. Resize and crop your image to fit.

When you get the transfer paper, just put in in your inkjet printer and print it out.
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Be a good boy and keep your hands out of your pants
but but but... fine
Orange Guy7 years ago
My mom used to make custom soaps kind of like this ... but with MUCH tamer pictures. She'd cut out the image, tack it to the bar of soap with some Elmer's glue and then dip it repeatedly in melted paraffin. This coated side didn't really wear off in the shower, so the image stuck around while the soap side still lathered up.
gvs7 years ago
hey this looks really good! but please can somebody answer this question (for a non-english mother-tongued;-) is it transfer-paper (e.g. for printing t-shirts) you are using, or is it somekind of adhesive/label paper?? thanx for your answers :-)
babyboi5127 years ago
sweeet!! haha nice wai to get horni in the shower!!!! rub the soapies in between ur lappies haha x]
denilsonsa7 years ago
I guess you can apply a photo (printed on normal paper) to a soap (or whatever) by just using white glue (and a brush to apply the glue below and above the paper). This is called decoupage. Unfortunately, I don't know the details about how to do it. Might be an interesting alternative, with even cheaper material. Come on! Someone please do it and post here at instructables! :)
the problem with using normal paper and glue is two-fold: 1) white glue dissolves in water and all of a sudden you are "cleaning" yourself with glue 2) paper also dissolves in water and you would have little flecks of your picture all over you. If you want to decoupage, buy a container of ModgePodge and a brush at your local craft store and go crazy! it's fun, easy, cheap, and there are instructions on the bottle.
You're right... And now I remember that varnish was applied on top of the glue+paper combination. The varnish makes it waterproof.
Thornburg7 years ago
Nice, everybody likes a nice pair of (.Y.) once in a while, or a lot of times.
Neotron7 years ago
How about this In an old prank shop here in Kansas they sold a soap that was the same but when you got to the pic it was a plastic keeper and there where 6 cards in one bar of soap just layered the soap and cards then you can keep your newly found pics and be clean at the same time the shop closed about 7 years ago but it was fun going in there.
gnomedriver7 years ago
And the great thing about this project, all the materials can easily be found on the internet. Ma Gnome - Whatcha doin in ya room Gnome? Gnomedriver - Nuthin Ma, Ma Gnome - It dont sound like tha ta me. Gnomedriver - jus gettin som parts fer my next pro-ject. Ma Gnome - Well befor ya done getting em parts, ya make sure ya close th curtains. Neighbors ben complainin bout ya internet shoppin.
good clean fun
I was expecting a mold of some personal parts as an aide-memoire.....
hope you don't mind
GeekyKhan7 years ago
So what happens when you try to use the soap? Does the decal just come off or would you get your hands dirty as the ink starts rubbing off?
i had a bar that as you used it the girls clothes started to come off. lets see that
Doctor What7 years ago
I like how your angles avoided the nudity. :) I wouldn't give these to my grandma, but I could probably put a picture of a cat or something. It's a great gift for a girlfriend/boyfriend. Put your face on it and he/she would be rubbing your face... Nevermind.
Kaiven7 years ago
i'm with t3h muffon man Oh dear
Oh dear.....
I love picture angles =]
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
I like it! Darn ribbon!
lol :-)
Brennn107 years ago
LOL! Nice ed!
tyeo0987 years ago
Curse you convenient ribbon placing... Nice tut though, but the pics seem a lil... frayed? along the color...
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