This is what happens when you ave too much time on your hands, and the ideas come flowing ;)
I always wanted to do elapsed time video, so instead of hacking the camera firmware, why not create a intervalometer with what I have at hand?
To do so i needed:
1 BC550 Transistor
1 1k Resistor
1,6mm jack with cable hacked of a LANC remote
And  last bu not least an Arduíno Board ( used a mega 'cause it was the one i had at hand)

!Please note! If you don't want to take risks with your precious machine please do not try this at home.

Step 1: Make or check the cable

If you like me like and have the luck to have a cable already made, you just have to check which pins of the jack connect to which wire. To do so simply use a multimeter to test the continuity. The pins you want to check are the tip and the bottom one (errr this if you point the jack up...).
If you have to make the cable simply solder these two and forget the other one.
This is really cool<br>Have a look at my ible entered in the LED contest and don't forget to vote if you liked it<br>Rated this ible 4.5*<br>Thanks

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