(Failed) Dirty trick to get more pageviews

Picture of (Failed) Dirty trick to get more pageviews
This is probably my most "meta" Instructable to date. It's not anything particularly useful, just an idea that occurred to me while I was browsing around and musing on the stuff people do to get you to, for instance, click on their videos on YouTube. Thankfully Instructables doesn't have much of this sort of filthy trickery, but this is a quick peek into what the site might look like if we did.


Literally minutes after I finished writing this Instructable, probably no more than half an hour after I published "How to make cereal", I received a PM from a member of staff, telling me that it had been unpublished due to my abuse of the featured stripe and would only be republished once I had removed it.

If you do this for real your Instructable WILL be unpublished and you will probably not make any friends among the moderators. I did this so you don't have to. Please do not attempt to recreate this stunt.
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Step 1: Write an Instructable

Picture of Write an Instructable
Exactly what it says on the tin. I wrote "How to make cereal" in a few minutes to demonstrate this on. No great shakes, but that's the point- this doesn't depend on you having any actual content besides a couple of images.

Step 2: Publish it, and wait

Picture of Publish it, and wait
Hopefully, you have written a series of useful, good quality Instructables without any naughty words (or worse, naughty pictures) and you have picked a time when the staff are awake, so your Instructable will breeze through the publishing process.

Step 3: Your Instructable is up

Picture of Your Instructable is up
After a while, your Instructable should appear in the most recent list. Now we can start editing it to make it more appealing to literally everyone.

Yes, that's right, this technique doesn't just appeal to one niche group like K'nex fans or people who like papercraft or doing things with weed whacker engines- everyone will want to view your Instructable more once you follow this simple process.
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plumeri11 year ago
ASCAS1 year ago
Why am I here? :))) The dark side of ibles XD I remember when people use to do this before...
An Villain4 years ago
Wouldn't it be ironic if this was featured?
Yes. Yes it would.
yes no again!!!!!!!??
Saturn V4 years ago
By papercraft, you'd better not mean Origami!
ewilhelm6 years ago
Haha, very nice. I've add the "Instructables hacks" keyword to this. I appreciate your effort, and I agree it's an interesting thought experiment. However, even though an Instructable like this wouldn't appear on the homepage or in the featured RSS feed, the "featured" banner helps causal Instructables users find great content, so we can't let people do this. If you're talented enough to do the image hacking, I bet you could probably make a feature-worthy Instructable.
What about when the instructables staff hate you?
There are non-staff users who can feature content.
...So is true you guys dis-like me strongly? Also Kiteman said some of my instructables are harder to understand than others.
...So is true you guys dis-like me strongly? Also Kiteman said some of my instructables are harder to understand than others.
He said the same to me....
He said the same to me....
PKM (author)  wenpherd5 years ago
I, wenpherd, solemnly swear to stop repeating things people say. Well, it's worth a try...
jamiec53 PKM5 years ago
wenpherd PKM5 years ago
What about when the instructables staff hate you?
Can I take the banner and make it to say "not featured"?
yes u can if u have photo shop or a demo of it and u know how to use it
Derin ericsp0f5 years ago
Not "u",you.
ericsp0f Derin5 years ago
hay thay do have a be nice comment policy so u can jest back off
Hey they do have a be nice policy , so you can just back off.
PKM (author)  Rock Soldier5 years ago
"Diangly"? There's an old saying about people who live in glass houses.

If I see anyone else bumping this old argument I'm going to start flagging.
ReCreate PKM5 years ago
But wait...we are not bumping it XD
I'm sorry, but what does my instructables have anything to do with his spelling?
Not "jest", just.
PKM (author)  dombeef5 years ago
I don't really think this argument is going anywhere. If you are arguing over the letter of the "be nice policy", you are probably breaking it. Also, responses containing nothing but spelling corrections are rude and questionably productive. I suggest we collectively drop it.
Derin PKM5 years ago
It broke when I dropped it,so I guess that is the end :)
dombeef PKM5 years ago
I'm just joking anyways
Derin ericsp0f5 years ago
I did not violate the be nice policy.I'm just correcting you.
What If we Change the Writing on there like "Fresh" Or "Updated" Is it just that it can not have the Word Featured there?
PKM (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
Well I guess you wouldn't be technically imitating the featured banner, so you probably wouldn't seriously mislead people into thinking your Instructable had been featured when it hadn't, but it would devalue the actual featured stripe because the point of it is to make your Instructable stand out. I suppose you could contrive your intro image so that it had a pale diagonal stripe on the top left hand corner, which could be a fun "comedy crowbar" exercise, but deliberately adding imitation stripes to your thumbnails is not a great idea because you're just gaming the system.
ReCreate PKM5 years ago
If had have asked a member of staff first and given the experiment a while to run it would be interesting...
Have you noticed the Pro tag on the "Pro" instructables lately? lol
*evil grin goes here*
They changed it, it goes before the name now... I did think you were a "Pro" for a while though.
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