In this trick, the magician places a ball inside a box, covers it up with a handkerchief, lifts the handkerchief up, and the ball disappears.

Step 1: Items

Items you'll need-------
Clear box
a marble
a handkerchief

nice. 5/5 stars from me!
Thank you soooooooooooo much. I've been looking for an easy but cool and hard to spot trck. This one fooled everyone i tried it on.
Wow... Coolest thing ever... Hamtaro?
Did you come up with that yourself? It's pretty good.
no.. a friend taught it to me a while ago
Thx. :)
whahaha this is cool
That's cool. I'm one for doing simple magic to impress the nephews and nieces. This is one I'll definitely have to add to my repertoire.
I resembles the pepper shaker trick. Take a pepper shaker at a restaurant that is similar at top and bottom, remove or unscrew the cap, and set it aside. Now take a peice of paper and put it on the opening to the pepper. Press down on the paper, and flip the whole thing upside down. Carefully pull out the paper and set it aside, to throw away. Set the cap on the top (previouly the bottom) and pretend nothing happened. When the waitress/waiter picks it up to clean under it, all of the salt/pepper will spill out.It is simpler than it sounds. Of course I would never do this, and don't reccomend you to do this either.It would not be funny to them. Just stating a fact.
Cool trick. Blurry photos--there's an instructable or two on easy ways to get in focus pictures with cheap cameras. But thanks for this trick--I like it!

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