This is an easy trick on how to make a quarter disappear in your handkerchief!
darn! I can't watch metacafe movies. Some one please Pm the instuctions to me please.
me nether... :[
corny im sorry but it is
Lol I would never have guessed
yeah, but I think I have your quarter stuck in my ear. seriously- how do they pull it out of my ear?! I'm so blonde....
How about a video <em>and</em> instructions, I am really getting sick of this solo video or solo slideshow thing.<br/>
Hello. I came across this site last week, and I signed up for an account a couple of days ago. I'm new to <em>www.instrucables.com.</em><br/><br/>I'm just curious to know why you like written instructions when I included step-by-step instructions on the video. When I uploaded this video to the <strong>VIDEO</strong> section it did <strong>not</strong> give me an option to post detailed instructions along with my video. That option (to post detailed instructions) is only available on the INSTRUCTABLE section.<br/><br/>I read the <strong>Instructables Blog </strong>for<strong> Nov 30th</strong>, and here's what it said:<br/><br/>...&quot;We hope that Videos will support and help grow the site by making a specific section for how-to videos that <strong>don't quite need </strong>our <strong>step-by-step </strong>format.&quot;<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/blog/">https://www.instructables.com/blog/</a><br/><br/>Anyway, thanks for watching my vid :)<br/><br/>Johnny Rock Stah<br/>
Someone should start a web site so people can post just videos, maybe they could call it You Tube. If they do that, maybe someone will start a web site called Instructables, and it could be for posting Instructional, step by step, well... uh, Instructions? If someone doesn't beat me to the patent office, I'm gonna be a millionaire.
i want my quarter back. :-)

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