Disassemble a Transformer Easily!





Introduction: Disassemble a Transformer Easily!

Use a putty knife to take apart those stubborn transformers and get to the magnet wire inside!
You'll need:
  • A putty knife
  • A hammer or wooden mallet. (Anything with a good amount of weight to force the putty knife in between the ferrite sheets.)
  • a transformer to take apart! (quite obvious!)
Subscribe! My next instructable will show you how to use your newly found magnet wire to make a relay!
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    well, it says the video is private.

    is a ferrite necassary in a transfromer

    hi this is nice video.

    i face a problem. which is i want to make a 10 amps 12-0-12 transformer. so i want a video tutorial. plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    follow this

    Here are some calculations what I made and from what I build transformers.

    Transformer: 220V - 2x27V 8A
    Input voltage 220 Volts.
    Output voltage two times by 27 Volts 8 Ampere, symmetric for amplifier.
    EI core intersection square is 50 by 48 millimeters.
    Calculated values:
    Input 220 Volts 2.258 Ampere
    443 coils of 1.05 millimeters wire thickness
    Here I use wire of 1 millimeter, because core is big enough and warming at that thickness is low. True reason is that I didn't have wire of 1.05 millimeters. :)
    Output 2 x 27 Volts 8 Ampere
    2 x 54 coils of 1.98 millimeters round to 2 millimeters.
    In assembling I use for output two wires of 2 millimeters at one quill.
    Beginning point of two wires are joined and this is output ground, end point is two outputs of 27 Volts.
    I build that transformer and it works perfectly.

    cool another thing I get to disassemble lol

    hi, this is cool.

    but i face a problem. the problem is i want to make a 10amps 12-012 transformer in my home . so i want a easy video tutorial about this. please help me!!!!!!

    I think I taw a putty knife

    So you're using a putty knife to loosen the potting material? I've heard what you call the bar referred to as an "I" plate. Goes with "E" somewhat better. Old McDonald had a transformer E I E I O. Copper, the poor man's gold! Now all you have to figure out is what to do with all those silicon iron plates you're piling up there.

    I already have a use for them. throw them in the trash! lol, jk. I do need to find a use for them... thanks for the comment!