Step 5: CPU Fan

Picture of CPU Fan

Now that the system fan is out, we can remove the CPU fan.

The CPU fan is located right on top of the CPU heat sink, which is a large piece of metal with fins on the top. The CPU fan plugs into the motherboard in an awkward place, that is hard to access. But just follow the wires and you should easily find it. It is labeled "CPU FAN1". To remove the fan from the heat sink, remove the four screws securing it in place.
nbwriter2 years ago
I realize this guide was posted May, 2009. But thanks to author for showing how to remove the heatsink fan ONLY. Most online guides focus on removing fan, heatsink and processor. (Removing a heatsink on a Celeron D can cause processor pin damage and new thermal paste is needed if the heatsink shifts even slightly). And thermal paste ain't cheap.

I nearly unlocked the two metal levers on the heatsink, thinking these are part of the fan locking mechanism. Due to Arbitor's guide, it's obvious fan screws just screw into the metal heatsink itself. In my case, I'm just cleaning heatsink fins for better heat dissipation.