Step 9: Hard Drive & Portable Hard Drive Slot

I have included both components together in one step, because in order to remove the hard drive, you must remove the portable hard drive slot first.

First off, de-attach the connector at the back of the slot, and unplug the other end from the motherboard. Also unplug the SATA cable from the motherboard and the hard drive. The portable hard drive slot is secured the same way the CD/DVD drive is, with a tab. Pull on the tab, then slide the slot out.

To remove the hard drive from the side of the slot, unscrew the four screws securing it in place. You must be very careful to not drop the hard drive, as it is very delicate!
fmuhammed4 years ago
Oh My God. I can't describe my impression in words. Thank you very much. I was struggling to remove Hard disk from this machine for 2 hours and totally gave up fed up. But thanks for Istructables. I disassemble this PC within 5 minutes. It was easy as Pie. Thank you again. :)