I recently dropped my Samsung A737 cell phone which resulted in a distorted display on the screen.  The LCD didn't appear to be broken, but the display was unreadable.  It actually resembled a TV that lost its horizontal hold, for those of you who remember TVs with CRTs and horizontal and vertical controls.

I tried to take this phone apart once before to try to dry it out after my two year old daughter put it in the toilet but was unable to separate the two halves of the phone.  Fortunately after a couple days of sitting with no battery, and some time spent in the oven and under a hair dryer my phone made a full recovery from that incident.

This time I tried some percussive maintenance but was unable to restore the screen.  Time to dive in, and this time figure out how to get the thing apart far enough to extract the LCD.  If your Samsung slider also needs an LCD replacement then follow along.

Step 1: Tools

 The tools needed to disassemble this are simple and readily available.  You need a #0 Phillips screwdriver to remove screws, and a small slotted screwdriver to lightly pry things apart.  You will also want a small bowl to put parts in as you remove them.
SRAVET, where possibly I can get the Flexcable you mentioned? Is there some specific part number ? Is there a substitute ?
Just used this to help me quickly rebuild my phone with pieces of my sister's old one so i didn't have to transfer any info or settings to the new one, and was also able to take my orange trim and buttons to replace the green on hers.<br /> Now I have a phone with a shiny clear screen and the clips for the battery door are intact, AND&nbsp;I got to keep the orange (all except next to the number pad and the ear speaker grill)<br /> with the help of this instructable I was able to rebuild both phones (keeping the other pieces together as a backup) in way less time than it would have taken to set up all the contacts, files and settings on the other phone, and I retain all the T9 info as well<br /> <br /> Thank&nbsp; you!<br /> <br /> side notes:&nbsp;if your screen in broken and you have a donor phone you can quickly replace it using these steps, and keep your trim color (after opening the slider part, start unclipping the trim from the bottom, it's pretty straightforward with a small screwdriver)<br /> If your phone has water damage and you want to cheat the warranty, I shouldn't tell you that the panel with the water sensitive sticker is the easiest and fastest part of the case to swap, and doesn't have any identifying information to let them know you swapped except if you scratch the screws up bad...<br />
Where could you get a new screen? Evidently, geometry textbooks and phones dont like each others company in a backpack, and the phone lost.<br />
&nbsp;Hey Speedmite, sorry to hear about your phone, but I hope this instructable will help you. &nbsp;If you search for &quot;a737 lcd&quot; you'll get lots of hits. &nbsp;I see screens in the range $15-$25. &nbsp;Although if I were replacing mine I'd see if I could buy a complete non working phone on ebay rather than just an LCD. &nbsp;good luck,
I was wondering just how expensive, thanks. I have already bought a second of that phone, so no screen replacing needed. I have it charge a battery while im using my other battery, and switchie switchie.<br />

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