Disassembling a Western Digital My Book





Introduction: Disassembling a Western Digital My Book

I will demonstrate how to disassemble a My Book using a new 500gb My Book.

Step 1: Removing the Cover

To remove the cover of the My Book, you will need a flathead screwdriver. I also used razor blades, but they can be replaced or omitted if you would like to do it differently.

First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the mesh away from the cover (do not try to lift the cover up, you will just break things). Start to pry in the middle of the book and you should see two plastic snaps lift up, I put a razor blade between the snaps to prevent them from locking in again. Do this to both sides.

Second, begin to pry the binding area of the book away from the mesh. Pry in small amounts, alternating from one end to the other. When there is enough of the gap, you will be able to slide the cover off of the mesh with your hands.

Step 2: Remove the Hard Drive

For this step, you will need a phillips screwdriver (any size that can handle the case screws in a computer).

First, remove the plastic led extender (I don't know what this is really called, but it redirects the light to the front of the book).

Second, use your hands to lift up the front of the metal insides. Lift the front up until it is high enough to pull the back out of the mesh.

Third, remove the two screws holding the sata controller in place. Then slide the sata controller down to remove it.

Fourth, remove the four screws holding the hard drive in place and remove the hard drive.

Now the enclosure is fully taken apart. If you decide to put it back together, just follow the steps in the reverse order. There is nothing special you need to know about rebuilding it.



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    New ones have screws at the top and bottom. Much easier to take apart.

    No prying needed. There are two tabs you need to depress with a philips screwdriver and the case slides off.

    1 reply

    Where are these tabs? Can you reply with photos?

    I got this thing apart and put a 3TB drive in there. I had to first format the drive in my computer, but it's working great now!

    Thank you! I recovered mine perfectly. But there is a small piece which I can't define. Can you tell?

    1 reply

    hi. looks like the support for lock system, upright from the usb connector, maybe is not necessary for the assambly.

    Very good...this helped...hope I can recover it now that I know how it's built.

    Didn't break anything but the expired warranty..;)

    TThanks!! very Informative... Nice and simple...


    Can you remove the drive from the mybook and place it inside a computer?

    1 reply

    Yeah, it's just a regular hard drive inside the enclosure. Nothing exotic

    Thanks a lot. My wife's computer didn't recognize the drive through USB, Firewire 400, or Firewire 800. Your instructions were easy to follow. Hooked it up to my Newer Tech drive reader thingie, and my wife can now access her files. One question: can anyone give me a hint about why all the interfaces would go bad? Is that common? The drive is probably 3 years old.

    Fortunately my hard drive is still alive and kicking, but I kinda dropped it (please don't file for hard drive abuse!) a few days ago and since then the LED light has been really weak. I could see by looking inside the case through the top that the LED extender slipped to the left a bit, so I cracked it open and moved it back into place. That LED extender isn't secured very well if you ask me.
    Anyway, thank you very much for this guide!

    If you have the 1.5TB My Book with a similar looking case, you should be able to disassemble it using the same (or similar) technique that I use in this tutorial. If the case looks drastically different and you are nervous about damaging your hard drive, don't be. You can do a lot of damage (from prying) to the case without touching the hard drive.

    thanks for taking the time to share this, you just saved me a bunch of time, frustration, and probably a broken case

    Excellent for disassembly, but be ready for some damage to the case, as the plastic can't handle much levering. also does not work for a WD 1TB drive

    1 reply

    This does in fact work for a 1TB drive. I have just done it since the hard drive was heating up quite high. Really big time gap for the response but hopefully this would help someone else.

    Replaced WD10EAVS that came with the Mybook with a WD20EARS. Easy swap. Works perfectly. Mybook uses rubber bushings for shock isolation, unlike most external enclosures. This plus the superior ventilation make the Mybook an excellent salvage choice.

    Thanks Baby! Finally open My book to test the drive out afetr some usb problems, thanks!

    hello everyone. my 1 TB WD hard drive my book died and i need to recover my files? what can i do?  freeze it , take i tout and connect it to the house pc internally ? etc??  anything? is there any software that you recommend?