Step 1: Removing the cover

To remove the cover of the My Book, you will need a flathead screwdriver. I also used razor blades, but they can be replaced or omitted if you would like to do it differently.

First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the mesh away from the cover (do not try to lift the cover up, you will just break things). Start to pry in the middle of the book and you should see two plastic snaps lift up, I put a razor blade between the snaps to prevent them from locking in again. Do this to both sides.

Second, begin to pry the binding area of the book away from the mesh. Pry in small amounts, alternating from one end to the other. When there is enough of the gap, you will be able to slide the cover off of the mesh with your hands.
cuchillo5 years ago
Thanks Baby! Finally open My book to test the drive out afetr some usb problems, thanks!
LoXaR5 years ago
Same thing done on the newer 640 GB model :) Big thanks to You :)
pbarnak5 years ago
After prying the top, it will swing out.  The outside black case does not lift out, but it will swing open. There is metal clip that holds the internal parts to the plastic casing. Make sure you release the to black clips on the ends.
imbenx6 years ago
thx so so so much~! i have been looking for this new edition of my book take apart instruction for a long time.
sunglint6 years ago
On a newer model, the 500G dual interface, there are two little clips that need to be pushed down, if you look at the picture above where he says "pry gently" on the pop-up, on each end in one of those big slots there is a little clip (similar to where you see a white strip inside the case in his photo.) Although I ended up largely doing what was described here, it looks like just those clips are the real hold in the newer model.
gimincorp7 years ago
THANK YOU for Instructable! I now have a USB adapter for my IDE drives! Yeah! Only correction: on regular USB drives pry from the back first (like it said) then at the either side and THEN at the binding. Please post continuation on how to remove drive from its mesh housing