Introduction: Disc Golf Disc Dyeing Tutorial: Cheap DIY Golf Disc Designs Using Electrical Tape

Picture of Disc Golf Disc Dyeing Tutorial: Cheap DIY Golf Disc Designs Using Electrical Tape
This video will show you how to dye your golf discs at home for very little money.

Basically wherever the electrical tape is bonded to the disc will be protected from the dye. 

You will need:

Rit Dye
Electrical tape
Pot or pan
cutting tool

Rit Dye info

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samalert (author)2012-08-02

lovely that Frisbee is lot cooler than stock....... gud pimpng

tmeisel (author)2012-07-24

alright I found some RIT powder that still works However I also tried a brand called Tulip they had some different Dye kits for Tie Dye shirts none of the Tulip dye worked as far as finding Rit dye that still works you just gonna have to find older stock sorry but i dont wanna tell where i found mine

tmeisel (author)2012-07-10

OK so lota good Info I just bought some dark Green powder today How will I know if its going to work I didnt see a ND on it but I dont know where it would be also some boxes have 2010 on the box thats not a lot number Can someone help me out with that

tmeisel (author)tmeisel2012-07-11

Right on Yea ill try some stuff and post what I find out

boonokian (author)tmeisel2012-07-11

Sorry the only Info I have on the subject comes from the link I included in this posting. I would say maybe just mix it up and do a test with it. Maybe you could just paint a bit onto an old disc to see if it soaks in. I

Haplo1 (author)2012-03-24

this is frigging great. i have painted discs with stencals before with some success but never occured to me to dye them. cant wait to try. maybe i'll post a few with some of my prior paint jobs to share what ive done. Thanks, Pete

boonokian (author)Haplo12012-03-25

Hey thanks man, Glad you liked the instructable. Definitely share any pics of discs you have customized. cheers

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