This is an instructable for a cheap auditory disc golf disc locator using a key finder! I'll show you my idea and procedure, but it could certainly use some improvement. Be creative and make it more robust it if you like the idea. 

Step 1: Materials

The obvious one is the disc golf disc, but the crux of this project is a wireless key finder. You can pick them up at your local hardware store and every one that I saw was under 10$. I bought a less expensive one but I'm sure the more expensive ones are louder and have a longer range which would be nice. 
<p>The real issue here is that by doing this, you render your disc no longer usable for any PDGA events. It is an interesting idea, but PDGA standards state that nothing that changes the profile or weight characteristics of the disc can be done to modify it after market, or it is no longer competition-legal. If you aren't playing in any PDGA tournaments, go for it.</p>
Does this affect the balance of the disc? If so, is there a reason that you didn't just adhere it to the center? <br> <br>As someone who has played discgolf in the snow, this would have been a great help to locate a disc that went for a dive in a snow drift!
tape about 3-4 ft of neon marking tape on your disc. It works really well when you find yourself looking in snow drifts.
<p>The problem wasn't drifts. It was that the disc would slice through the snow and bury itself under the 2' of powder. It wouldn't have been a problem if it didn't deflect for some reason when it hit the snow. We always ended up clearing out a 10' circle of snow around the entry point to find it.</p>
<p>Was just talking to someone who plays in the winter and uses some &quot;throwing tape&quot;. He tapes a section of ribbon on the disc so it can be found in the drifts....I'll probably try it next year. Here are details on how it's done http://killerbdiscgolf.blogspot.com/2011/01/find-your-discs-in-snow-use-ribbons.html</p>
<p>That's interesting and a good solution. I could have used it several years ago to help games to keep moving.</p>
That's going to throw the weight way off. They have small locators you can stick in the center.
Hey if you look on eBay you can usually find a 3in1 key finder for under $10. Good ible though!

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