I am going to try to show you how I built my first Disc Golf Goal with parts I got from Lowes for around $75! I think it turned out pretty decent. It's within the regulation limits I found here, is sturdy, and most importantly catches discs!

I'll do my best to explain what you'll need to buy and how to get it all together, but unfortunately I did not take pictures of the process. It shouldn't be hard to figure out by looking at the pictures I attached, if you have any questions please ask in the comments. I got the basic idea from other more detailed posts on this page, and just tweaked it with things I came across. Hope this helps someone!

UPDATE----->>> after about a year of use its still holding up well. The only problem is, at the top where the chains are hung through the holes around the trash can lid, two of the holes broke through. I'd recommend putting some washers or something in there.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Things You'll Need: 

~ 5 Feet of 2" PVC
~ 40 Feet of 2/0 Passing Link Chain (Straight Link can be used but I preferred the passing)
~ 3x 3" PVC Closet Flange (also called Toilet Flange)
~ 3x 2" to 3" PVC Step Down Bushing
~ 6x eye bolts
~ 18x S-Hooks
~ 4x Hex Bolts 1/4" x 2"
~ 4x Carriage Bolts 1/4" x 1"
~ 14x 1/4"x20 nuts and lock washers
~ 1x piece of wood 3' square 1/2" thick
~ 1x round trash can lid that measures about 22" diameter
~ 1x planting basket that is about 26" diameter and about 6-7" deep (I found in the garden section)
~ 1x heavy umbrella stand
~ About 40" of airline tubing (this is what i made the rings from)

<p>Thanks for the tips on how to make my basket better. I combined something from another design - the plywood circles with used L-brackets and old garden hose for rim. PVC 2&quot; pipe was the main pole, but i used special duct tape that had the metal pattern. </p>
<p>this is a good design and an affordable alternative to the dg baskets I found online </p><p>www.portablediscgolfbasket.com</p>
<p>Thanks for the ideas! I ended up making something a little different, but your DIY was the inspiration that got me going on my own 2 hole golf course in my back yard! I wrote up a full tutorial on my site (the link below) and dropped a not on there for you. Thanks again!</p><p><strong>http://bendrolet.com/homemade-disc-golf-target-diy-on-the-cheap/</strong></p>
I don't know what ymmv means? as I said though it cost me 75, but I already had the umbrella stand laying around. most of the cost will be your chain.
ymmv = your mileage may vary. Basically a short way of saying that the rough cost of items was this but others may see a slight increase or decrease based on market trends. - I don't think you need the example but just in case someone else was wondering.
What did this cost, approximately (ymmv of course)
Great job! If I didn't have a few baskets already, I'd definitely be making this. Might make a couple for my brother for Xmas! Thanks!
Great job! If I didn't have a few baskets already, I'd definitely be making this. Might make a couple for my brother for Xmas! Thanks!

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