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Introduction: Disc Mount - Store and Display CDs on Metal Surfaces

A disc mount is a small, magnetic holder for a CD to solve an access, storage, destruction problem we ran into time and again in our gaming area. Now we can store our discs on nearly any metal surface and rearrange as needed. The convenience and flexibility has resolved the problem. Learn more on our Disc Mount Project Page. In our case, we modified the back of a poster with tin to give us a fun display to store our discs. I show you how to do this poster frame mod in the instructable, Poster Magnet Board.

This instructable shows you how to create a disc mount in less than 10 seconds and how to use it.

Learn more details on the project page.
See more pictures in our Disc Mount gallery.

Here's a video on using Disc Mounts:

Step 1: Get Parts and Materials

We designed the disc mount to securely attach to a poster, with an acrylic face up to 3/32 in. thick, upside down, holding a CD. (Hey, you never know how people might attach their CDs, right?) So, the strength of these are over-kill for attaching directly to bare metal, but works great for metal covered with materials such as laminate, fabric, vinyl, acrylic, etc. To build a disc mount you will need the following:

  • 1, foam cd hub (0.52 in. diameter x 0.375 in. thick)
  • 1, nylon washer (0.85 in. diameter x 0.395 in. diameter hole x 0.062 in. thick)
  • 1, neodymium magnet (Ni-Cu-Ni plated, 0.375 in. diameter x 0.062 in. thick)
  • 1, white vinyl sticker (0.75 in. diameter)

Be aware that safety is your responsibility. Please read our Safety Warning and Disclaimer before you start.

Step 2: Stick Foam Hub to Washer

Foam CD hubs come with one side that is sticky. Place the sticky side of the foam hub onto the center of the washer. It doesn't have to be perfectly in the center, just close. To make sure the adhesive sticks, apply firm pressure between the foam hub and washer for 2 seconds. Do not flatten/crush the foam hub.

Step 3: Place Magnet Into Washer

Flip over the hub-washer assembly. Place the magnet into the hole in the back of washer-hub assembly. To make sure the adhesive sticks, apply firm pressure between the magnet and foam hub for 2 seconds. Do not flatten/crush the foam hub.

Step 4: Cover Magnet With Sticker

Place the sticky side of the vinyl sticker in the center of the washer to cover the magnet. This doesn't have to be perfectly in the center, just close. To make sure the adhesive sticks to the washer, apply firm pressure to the vinyl sticker in a circular patten.

Congratulations! In less than 10 seconds you have built a disc mount.

Step 5: How to Use - Placing and Removing

Your disc mount can stick to any metal surface that contains a significant amount of iron (galvanized steel sheet, for instance). Examples of metals that will not stick are:

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • nickel
  • titanium
  • most grades of stainless steel
  • brass

Place your disc mount on a metal surface by holding onto the outer edge of the washer while bringing it very close to the surface. Release. To remove the disc mount, grab onto the outer edge of the washer and rock it forward from one edge. (You may need fingernails to get leverage.)

Do not remove the mount by pulling on the foam hub.

Step 6: How to Use - Mounting a Disc

Align the hole on the disc with the foam hub on the disc mount. Gently push the disc so the foam hub passes through the hole and rests against the washer.

Step 7: How to Use - Removing a Disc

Using 1 hand, rest your thumb on the edge of the disc and place your index finger on the foam hub. While holding the foam hub in place, pull your thumb towards you while dragging the disc off the foam hub.

Step 8: Display

OK, now where to mount those discs? I like using posters that have been modified with a tin backing. I show you how to do that in the instructable, Poster Magnet Board. Otherwise, attach them to common metallic items around the house or build your own cool display. Lots of possibilities...have fun!

Check out our Laboratory 424 web site to buy Disc Mounts, get display ideas, and more.



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    GAH never touch the shiny side like you did in step 7 pic4 never!!!!!!!!

    It won't affect it at all. The data layer is behind a layer of plastic, so unless you scratch it badly it won't affect the disc. This was one of the major selling points of cd's when they came out.
    Infact you can safely wash a cd in with the dishes and still use it, once dry that is ;)

    That's a white cd looks kinda like the other side but it's not.

    This is an awesome idea. The only concern i would have is turning my cds into dust collectors.

    I agree. Great idea, just worried about CDs being exposed to the elements rather than in a case or holder of some sort.

    Feather duster, canned air, Fluffy cat ...

    Good idea, but for those of us without metal walls I suggest getting thin metal strips and make a design on the wall !! Maybe in a tic tac toe design. Paint the strips to match the room - or not...
    Have fun with it!

    i like the general dea about this. but i think ill do this with my dads old vinyls!! or make a floor with vinyls on it

    This is such a cool idea! We have a spare bedroom converted to a "video game room" and this would just rock in there! Great ible!

    i do this on the wall with thumb tacks