This tutorial thoroughly covers how to extract dye from a dark shirt; transforming it into something original with a unique pattern.
<p>I tried playing video with no luck . I love this shirt. Can anyone PRETTY PLEASE help me :(((((</p>
I realize this is pretty old but, it's really good and I think it should be submitted in the &quot;Print and Dye&quot; contest.
Heh, Either I did something totally wrong or totally right, it turned out red! Perhaps it was the natural color of the shirt, but it fits the paint splatter (┌|┐) Maybe a wrong amount of bleach? Sorry for cell phone picture quality.
Sorry, here is the picture... Yay first instructable picture!
I'm wrong again! It's orange now! It's quite hilarious.
My guess is that you aren't doing anything wrong (in terms of the color). The color that you end up with when doing this can be unpredictable because black dyes vary. Some shirts end up brown, some orange, some red, etc. It depends on the colors that the dye manufacturers used to make the black dye. Thanks for sharing the pic! Peace!
I always get jealous when the turn out red. It just means you got lucky. Most garments turn brown.
AHHH!!!! I misread it wrong, I put 3 parts bleach to 1 water!!!! Haha, I didn't think that seemed right, anyways, I ruined a few shirts, but I will try this again with some plain black ones.
Ouch! Oh no. It really works great if you follow those instructions well...best of luck! Have fun.
Hi<sup></sup><br/>Nice!!<br/>I'm going to make one!<br/>best flo =)<br/>
Very cool looking
Great, I highly recommend playing around with this. Try different dark colors to see what the base dye is after extraction.
Greeenpro you rock again.
Cool and funky. Excellent project!
Far out man! Right on! Thanks.
Cool process, it looks great!
Thanks! Try it, it's super fun!
Great how-to tutorial. I'm feeling more like a hippy already. Bong hit anyone?
ive done this a few times but i thnk your fomula is better than mine
I've seen different ways..thanks..
The punk Version of the Metacafe shirt, haha
or the next generation punk. ha hah
A great project for kids!
The kids will love this one....yes.
very nice
Thank you!

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