Step 2: Prep Mirrors and Helmet

Picture of Prep Mirrors and Helmet
Cut your mirror tile fabric into strips.  I alternated between a knife and scissors to do this. 

If your helmet has snaps for a visor, you will need to remove them.  I did this with a jeweler's saw, however you might be able to pry them off, or remove some other way if you don't have a jeweler's saw lying around.  Better yet, find a helmet without snaps.
I want my helmet to have the glass visor so I need the snaps. Will it be a problem if I keep them in place? What can I do?
Natalina (author)  luthertoston2 years ago
You should be able to work around the snaps, just leave some space around them. I can't remember how far the snaps extruded however, so you might need to test it first to see if you can actually snap it down with the additional height added by the mirrors.
Thanks Natalina! And how big was that bottle of Weldwood Contact Cement? Was that the 1.8 oz bottle?
jgraznak3 years ago
Most snaps of this style are put on with blind rivets. You can usually just drill inside the snap with a drill bit slightly larger than the rivet and the head of the rivet will let go, allowing you to push it through the other side.