Introduction: Disco Fan Gift Wrap

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I love marbled wrapping paper...and so i wrap most of my gifts with them! I make sure i use a little tape as possible so who ever gets it can use it if they like it!

Step 1: Materials!

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Gift wrap
Contrasting color construction paper
glue / stapler
craft edge cutting scissors (i don't know the proper name for's escaped my mind!)
sequin mirror

Step 2:

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Cut a rectangle in the contrasting construction paper
measure the width and cut 2 rectangles from the wrapping paper
fold it length wise and glue to the construction a way that the paper goes both sides
let the glue dry.

Step 3: The Fan

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Fold the paper in half and cut the edges with the craft design scissors
Fold like an accordion.
Fold in half like a fan... paste the edges together and stapler.

Step 4: Add the Glitter

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Glue the sequin to the fan and stick double sick tape to the back of it and stick it to your gift!
Walla! you have a disco fan for your gift! ( which can be reused!!!!!)

Thanks for reading.....hope you have a wonderful and creative time wrapping your gifts!


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