My niece was planning a Disco themed eleventh birthday party, and it became my job to make some of the decorations for the party.  After building a giant cardboard robot I named Robot-O Awesome-O Disc-O  shown in instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Robot-O-Awesome-O-Disc-O-the-Disco-Robot-decorati/  , the party began to have a Disco Robot theme.  Naturally I decided that a Disco Robot party needed to have more than one Robot and it would be fun to build another robot for the party that could actually move and dance.  Unfortunately, as I only had a couple hours to make something, almost no electronic knowledge beyond that of a preschooler,   I wasn't really certain I could make something in the short time before the party.  Naturally, the Robot would also have to pass the "cool" test from my niece who quite frankly isn't into robots as much as I am.  While thinking about some vibrator bots I had seen on Instructables,  I had an idea for a simple robot that I could build quickly and easily with some scrap items I had laying around the house that would actually dance.

Let me start by saying, I have no electronics experience at all.  So, if your like me, and want to build a cool robot without any electronic experience and next to no money, this project is perfect for you.   But beware!  This robot tends to run amuck!  

Parts List:

1 Homemedic ATOM massager  (This is the most expensive and most important item. You can possibly use another massager, but you will have to change the design.  I just happened to have one laying around that someone gave as a Christmas gift).
1 plastic single muffin container.  This is the plastic shell that a single muffin sometimes comes in when you buy it at the grocery store.  You can substitute this item with any small round plastic container with a lid.  I just  happened to be eating a muffin when had the idea, so it came in handy.
1 UFO shaped Fiber Optic Light (I got mine at the Dollar Store, but I've only seen it sold there the one time I bought it.  You can substitute this by making a robot head out of cardboard.)
 2   1" inch to  2" inch Brass Brads (fasteners)
Cardboard or Foam board
Clear / Transparent Tape
Heavy duty double sided poster tape
2 decorative glass beads

Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Sticky back Velcro
Sharpie Markers (Ideally 1 silver 1 black) -OR- Metallic Paint
1 broken solar light -OR- modify my instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-light-up-drink-coaster/ such that light turn on by a switch
1 plastic sample/ medicine cup or half of plastic egg (the sort put candy in for Easter)

Check out this video of the disco robot in action. Part of the video can be seen in 3D using Red-Blue (Red Cyan) glasses. If you don't have a pair, check out this Instructable on making 3D glasses https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-3D-Picture-Glasses/

Step 1: Make the Robot's Body

No respectable robot would be without a body, so step one in the process of creating your Monster Disco Robot after gathering your supplies is to form the robot's body.  The base of your robot consist of the Atom Vibrator.  If you don't own an Atom Vibrator, you might be able to modify this design to work with your own vibrator.  To make your Robot's body, you will have to attach your empty plastic muffin container to the top of the vibrating unit.  If you haven't already done so... consume your muffin contained therein.  If you don't feel like eating your muffin, you can always mail me the muffin top and donate the remainder of your muffin to the muffin man. 

Take your exacto knife and cut a circular hole in the bottom of your muffin container such that the plastic shell can rest on top of your Atom vibrator.  Remember, you will have to be able to access the on-off button on the top of the Atom Vibrator. 
Cool, that would make an interesting idea for a hat!!!!
Hahah sure! Disco Roboto Hat ;)
It would be great at parties!!!

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