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This is a knex ball machine that is supposed to have a disco ball at the top.I tried getting the best disco music I could.
There is 5 paths,and one path is kind of a double;Where 2 balls go at the same time.
I had much fun making the video,which took 2hours,at the most.I also added some funny things.
Special thanks to Shadowman
39,for editing the video and taking the pics.
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Go here to see the pieces count!

Music:Everybody Have Fun Tonight-Wang Chung
The Ragtime Dance-Scott Joplin



Sorunome (author)2013-06-25

Blocked in germany :(
can you send it me via email please? (the vid)

DJ Radio (author)2009-12-21

That looks like shadowman 39's room lol.

Shadowman39 (author)DJ Radio2009-12-21

It is, he's my brother. :-P

cool bas3 (author)Shadowman392009-12-21

you help with it?

Shadowman39 (author)cool bas32009-12-21

No, I had nothing to do with this ball machine except for giving him lots of my pieces to build it.

cool bas3 (author)Shadowman392009-12-21

he has the expierince from his brother :P

Shadowman39 (author)cool bas32009-12-21

Lol, yep. Though he's more of a drum player than a builder.

cool bas3 (author)Shadowman392009-12-21


Shadowman39 (author)cool bas32009-12-21

He also plays violin, just like me. Except I'm better. XD

Jag56 (author)Shadowman392013-01-05

Not any more bro XD XD

sandroknexmaster (author)Jag562013-01-05

Don't you play violin anymore? Or... Is Shadowman not better than you anymore? β)

Jag56 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-01-06

Shadowman quit plating a few years back and I'm still in a strings class at my high school. :)

I did play violin when I was a little kid.

I've been playing ever since I was 7 years old.

I've played since I was 3 (yes three) but I "quite" a few years ago.

I hung my first violin up on my wall, lol. It's about a foot and a half long.

Jesus. (author)Shadowman392010-01-18

Is, The Florida Gators sign for the football team, baseball team,or basketball team?

Shadowman39 (author)Jesus.2010-01-18

Football team.

Jesus. (author)Shadowman392010-01-18


Cool. :-)

cool bas3 (author)Shadowman392009-12-21


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-01-05

Wow cool ball machine, the disco ball on top looks very nice.
2:44, Does it always happen that the ball rolls around the rod?

Jag56 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-01-05

Thanks! If my memory serves me right then yes, it did always roll around the rod like it did in the video. Of course when I built it, It was unintended for that to happen :P.

sandroknexmaster (author)Jag562013-01-05

Cool :)

Jag56 (author)2013-01-05

Thanks! I'v been rather inactive lately so I'm getting caught up on my replies :)

Jag56 (author)2013-01-05

Thanks! I'm a little late on this reply though :P

k-n-e-x(leaved ibls) (author)2010-12-11

awesome how old are you?

Thanks! I'm 14 years old( I was 13 when I built it ).

sandroknexmaster (author)Jag562013-01-05

Late comment :)

Jag56 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-01-05


kurtcobain132 (author)2010-08-28

okay this is way better than trainman's ball tower, you have inspired me lol!

KnexFreek (author)2009-12-23

 holy crap thats nice 5 stars and i subscribed!!

~KGB~ (author)2009-12-21


GeekBeam (author)~KGB~2009-12-21

lol u put a meh on my iblle & then u put a cool on his funny in a way

~KGB~ (author)GeekBeam2009-12-21


Mr. Muggle (author)2009-12-21

pretty good for a little brother, lol

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