Discovery Education





Introduction: Discovery Education


3D printer

123D Design

black and blue filament

green, gold, and gold paint makers

8 in Blue FLEX LED lights

Toggle Switch


Hot glue and felt

plumbers glue

Step 1: Designs

I went through a couple of designs. It was difficult to to get the "D" and the globe to fit together like I wanted them too.

The problem comes from trying to simulate the Discover logo as close as possible. You will notice there is a small white halo around the globe. This suspend the globe in the Design. Not every two dimensional logo translate to 3D design.

Step 2: Redesign

The Discover Channel/Discover Education logo is a simple but really cool print.

Initially I was going to use a basic sphere for the globe. From there has I was painting my prototype, I decided that a texture globe could take this to another level.

I found a stl file through www.thingiverse.comand and merged the "D" and the globe together in 123D Design.

*note the a textured globe is a very complicated and large file, give it time*

Step 3: Final Design

With a texture globe I was able to use the texture has a way to set the sphere into place with the "D".

This took a little work.

On 123D Design with you subtract one shape from another you lose one of the shapes.

1. On the same design grid I put the globe intersecting with the D.

2. Then I trimmed the bottom of the globe so the globe has a flat bottom so that it will rest. One of the adjustments I had to make when I went from 2D to 3D on the logo.

3. After I created a flat spot on the bottom. I copied and pasted the globe giving me 2 flat bottom globes.

4. I subtracted the globe from the D.

Step 4: Export for Printing

Since I was printing in two different colors I need to separate the two solids, and export them to print individually.

I also wanted to print the "D" flat so I had to rotate it 90 degrees.

I exported each solid. From there I wanted to max print for my printer size. I scaled each solid up by the same factor.

*the texture globe is complicated file it takes time time to export*

Step 5: Paint

I tried several shades of blue before I settle on one that I liked best.

The "D" is printed in a shiny black filament, so I wanted to complete it with the globe. I choose to use a translucent blue as I thought it worked nicely with the black.

Using a basic green and gold paint marker, I painted the land masses and changes in elevation.

Step 6: Lighting

I wanted to really bring the piece to live. I purchase some 8 in blue LED light switches from a auto parts store. The package comes with a battery and switch for trying the product in the store. I replaced the switch with a toggle switch from a old microscope(I'm a science and math teacher). From there I drilled a hole into the globe and carefully place the LED strips into the globe. I hid the wire and switch behind the back on the "D". The Discover Logo now glows with a simple switch to turn it on and off.

Cuts some felt fabric to cover the cords in the bottom of the globe using hot glue.

Glue the D and Globe together with some plumbers glue.

Step 7: Final Product

Here is a nice large decorative piece for the office.



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    The issue originates from attempting to reproduce the Discover logo as close as could be expected under the circumstances. You will see there is a little white corona around the world. This suspend the globe in the Design. Not each two dimensional logo mean 3D plan cheap Assignment uk.

    Thank you!

    Amazing! you have my vote!

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