I was observing on the night of 31st of March this year.

Just after the midnight I chanced upon this amazing discovery.

The night sky was crystal clear. The telescope was pointing towards Virgo, the Virgin.
And this is what I got.

Even though the image was shaken up a bit, the image itself intrigued me.
I therefore took one more image.

I had never seen anything like this before. This object looked exactly like a planetary nebula.
A planetary nebula is an astronomical object consisting of a glowing shell of gas
and plasma formed by certain types of stars at the end of their lives.
There are some very nice examples of this kind exist - but this is unique indeed.

Step 1: The Kiss Nebula

After some image processing this is what I could get out of the image above.

I think this object should should be called appropriately Kiss Nebula.

Step 2: Details in Negative Image

The details of the nebula are seen
much better in this negative image.

Step 3: The Kiss Nebula -

This is the fully processed image of the Kiss Nebula

The technical details

The field of view of the camera frame about 2 minutes of arc (which is about 15th the size of the Moon as seen from the earth. )

The size of the nebula is then about 30 second of arc.

The camera used -  Fast Optical On Line System  ( in short FOOLS camera)

To get the desirable effect 'smooch channel' filter was applied.

This image was made on April 1, at 00:00:00

Step 4: Ha Ha

Hope you did not take me too Alpha Canis Majorisly i.e. Siriusly

(aamean  seriously)

Well - I simply generated some star field  image, got my wife to kiss on sheet of paper that I scanned and simply super imposed
this image over the star field image. 

Now played with the image - to make it blur, shake - etc. 
I am very familiar with this kind of faked photograph. There are few ways of doing this. I have done this kind of thing in black and white film in my home darkroom and made ghosts in a rail car (an awesome double exposure print I should have sold). I have done this kind of thing with Photoshop. I have done this doing double exposures in a 35mm SLR. I am a published professional photographer (just not published as much as I need to be). This is great though, Cheers!
That is very cool, a well planned, nicely documented and elegantly carried through prank.
Nice joke! Maybe a Godess is kissing us...<br><br>When I was young (younger than today, I say) I studied astronomy. A night I was at the photographic laboratory and had a fun idea: I took a sensitive plate, sprinkled over it a little talcum powder, I presented it a moment to light and then revealed. The result was a beautiful &quot;constellation unknown&quot;, with which I had fun listening to the speculation of all my professors. Obviously, everyone was sure &quot;it is this&quot; or &quot;it is that&quot;!
yes I now what you mean -<br><br>The one I presented here was sent as press release on 31st morning and believe me I had a few tv channels guys asking me for an interview -<br><br>Then there was another one of shoe foot print - called shoe print nebula or something.

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