Disease Free Doorknob





Introduction: Disease Free Doorknob

As you can see here, someone who needs to use this bathroom a lot doesn't like touching doorknobs.
This isn't as crazy as it may seem.
Bird Flu H6N1 can stay infectious on a hard surface for several days.
Who needs that!!!!!?

Other popular safe methods of opening doors involve using the feet, tail of shirt, cuffs, waiting for someone else to open it, or wedging it open with a stick before you go in.

What's your favorite hands-free doorknob concept?



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    I guess it is about saving space, but have you noticed how doors into toilets always open INwards? You can lean against it to push the door open, but you have to pull it to get out. From a hygiene point of view, that is back to front - because you are absolutely right, lots of guys do not wash their hands!!!

    (top tip - never eat bar nuts from a bowl!)

    I subscribe to the "Jesus Christ, it's a doorknob" policy. If they were really going to kill people that frequently, I think we would've heard about it by now. Also, what is creating the super germs that are resistant to treatment? Too many antibiotics, and too much hand washing!!! They're called antibodies. You need some. Expose yourself to everyday, weak germs, and maybe your body will be able to fight off the ones that actual count.... It's like keeping your kid indoors constantly and never letting them play any sports.. you're just being overprotective and actually weakening the kid. (Now before you say "Ew", etc, there is a difference between touching a door knob and eating food off the bathroom floor, etc.)

    Ive eaten off the bathroom floor. What?

    Here here! Your immune system needs some training to know what to do when there's a serious threat. There's no reason to overprotect yourself from germs, it just means the only ones that get to you are the ones tough enough to survive your antibacterial soap and hand cleaners, then you're in for a double-dose of sick. Let germs try to get me sick, I'm ready.

    Besides, all that nasty (door-knob infested, lol) paper on the floor is grosser than just touching the doorknob in the first place. Just because you don't want germs doesn't mean you can leave the rest of us with your mess!!! (Sometimes the cleanest people are the slobbiest... )

    this has become a frikking  debate....

    I use The Handler. It keeps the germs off your hands opens doors, dispenses paper towels,can flush toilets and turn the sink on and off. The product kills 98% of germs on contact with its anti-microbial properties. The Handler fits on your key chain and cost aout $10 Check it out : www.HandlerUsa.com


    but don't the other two percent accumulate all over your keys?


    but...it DOESN'T kill that rogue 2% of germs, and they're the tricky ones