Dish brush organizing systems usually cost about $15-$20 and have a number of limitations. Most don’t hold many dish tools and water tends to pool at the base. Some systems use suction cups to secure the unit inside the sink basin for easy access and drainage, but those get knocked askew when you’re washing big items and the brushes or sponges don’t get a chance to dry thoroughly between uses.

Here’s how to make your own superior dish brush organizer (and/or toothbrush holder) on the cheap. College kids looking to save beer money, take heed! :)

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

What you’ll need:

● two tall #5 plastic cups (think reusable soda cups from gas stations or party cups from Wal*Mart). The cups can’t be too rigid or they’ll crack when you try to make holes.
● craft wire
● a few rocks, or glass craft pebbles
● an awl or a drill
● scissors or wire cutters

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