Dish Soap Ice Pack





Introduction: Dish Soap Ice Pack

This shows you how to make a dish soap ice pack. This is something I found elsewhere on the internet, but I though I should post it here because I've seen several attempts at making ice packs that didn't seem easy or convenient.

Step 1: Fill and Chill

Simply fill a sandwich bag 1/2 full of dish soap and chill in the freezer. (Double-bag it to keep it from leaking) Done.

This picture shows Dawn being used, I don't know if other soaps will work in the same way.

Some other things that I didn't state that were brought to my attention:

1. Original website (For those who asked. The picture is from there too, I hope this doesn't offend anyone).
2. The reason you use dishsoap is that it will get cold and still flex around joints and such.



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    Looking for a cooling solution to make an eye mask. Used a dish soap from the dollar store and it froze solid. Don't know if the Dawn brand has different properties. Dawn "original" is harder to find, being replaced by the newer concentrated versions. Going to try to adding alcohol. Might even try adding it to the soap ;)

    great! can't wait to get a headache or sooth a black eye, beats a steak any day

    No matter what ironsmiter says, this was a really GOOD instructable for those of us who know that it's all about how to do things cheaply, without having to go out and buy special things. I've always wanted to keep an icepack on hand, because I'm always bumping into things I've left out - especially when I'm wandering the house in the dark at night. I just don't want to spend the money! But I've always got ziploc bags (or the dollar store clones) and I've always got dish soap. It seems that bath gel or liquid hand soap may work just as well, because they're basically the same. Laundry detergent too. So if the bag does break while you're using it, you can just launder the clothing or shower the soap off, no harm.

    (-) two pictures does not an instructable make :-( Don't think I'd Like this version for use much... seems it would still be mostly frozen water in the bag(and we don't see no double bagging!) Perhaps the gel for dishwashers would work better.... or does anyone know of a secrete ingredient to gel up regular dawn soap?

    I realise that this is a very simple project, but I didn't know that there was a certain criteria for an Instructable. This method is cheap, easy, effective and anyone can do it. I thought that was what DIY and Instructables is all about. If there are things that you think should be added for clarity, let me know.

     There is only criteria for being featured, obviously from all the really bad 'ibles out there there is no criteria, while I would have loved to have seen your photos and some after freezing photos I am glad you shared this.