Using a screw, washer and binder clip I made a really simple, nearly free way to hold on to dish towels next to the sink so that they're always available to dry wet hands and dishes.  In my never ending quest to optimize my apartment kitchen into a functional cook space, I've come up with this simple solution for reliably retaining dish towels next to the sink.

Step 1: Problem

At first I simply tucked a bit of the dish towel into a closed drawer.  This however only works for so long and eventually the wet dish towel falls to the floor. I wanted something a bit more sturdy and permanent and so it was going to have to be retained in place somehow.  I should also add that I don't have an ideal place to hang a dish towel on a rod in my kitchen, so that's why I'm going after a bit more of an unconventional method.
<p>Hello: In regard to your handy dandy damp tea towel holder is a really good idea but.....if the towel is damp, would not the dampness strip away the finish on the surface of your cupboard door with continuous dampness. Just a thought......it might need a space to keep the damp towel OFF the wood.</p>
<p>Heck, you could even just use the screw for the door pull and then all you'd need is the binder clip.</p><p>Great idea!</p>
<p>yeah, i always slam mine in the drawer [like the 'step 1: problem' photo], &amp; have to fool with it every time i need to go into that drawer; good solution <strong>:)</strong></p>
<p>I made one with what I had on hand and used 2 clothespins and 2 hooks instead.</p>
great idea ! I'm lucky to have the old fashioned type of hand pulls that the towel can hang from (at least until the dog steals it
I 've tried similar fixes on the inside of the cupboard door below my sink using a large wooden clothes pegs to hold rubber gloves (to air dry) and holders for towels, firstly using sticky foam pads and when they fell off I tried strong glues, they still failed eventually. <br>This idea is ingeniously simple, thank you for posting ;o)

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