Picture of Dish Towels from Bed Sheets
For too long I've used hand-me-down dish towels that didn't match anything in my kitchen. With some leftover yardage from a previous project (ISSA Dress) staring me in the face, I decided I had procrastinated enough. On a slow Thursday evening, I busted out 25 dish cloths out of one bed sheet from IKEA. This project was so simple in concept, I can't believe I'm even writing an instructable on it.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Issa Dress Instructable 001.JPG
Excess fabric and basic sewing supplies (matching thread, sewing machine, iron, and fabric scissors).

Step 2: Divide Sheet/Fabric Into Skinny, Long Rectangle

Picture of Divide Sheet/Fabric Into Skinny, Long Rectangle
To use the entire leftover sheet, I folded the sheet in half length-wise and tore/cut on the fold, repeating the process until I had a skinny, long rectangle. 

Step 3: Create Hems

Picture of Create Hems
Iron the rectangle sheet. With wrong side facing up, create a 1-inch fold (hem) on the short ends of the rectangle only.

Step 4: Sew Long Side Edges

Picture of Sew Long Side Edges
Fold the rectangle in half, with right sides facing each other. Sew along the long (rough) edges of the rectangle. Turn right side out when finished. 

Step 5: Sew Short, Hemmed Edge

Picture of Sew Short, Hemmed Edge
With the sheet now right side out, sew along the short, hemmed edge as close to the hem as possible.