Picture of Mario's Power-up Dish
I started this with one mission: to bring a game power up into real life. With that in mind, I started going through my memory for different games, and decided to go with Mario Bros. So you got your mushrooms, flowers and etc, but I didn't want to make food LOOK like it, but actually use the SAME ingredient as the power ups. 

And thus, I'll be cooking the red, 1up, and poison mushroom with REAL mushrooms, and the fire flower with REAL flowers (artichoke). Artichoke actually is the flower of the plant. 

The dish is consisted of:
- marinated artichoke stuffed with hot italian sausage mix (fire flower)
- fried mushroom with basic tomato sauce (red mushroom)
- fried mushroom with creamy spinach sauce (1up mushroom)
- fried mushroom with cuttlefish ink sauce (poison mushroom)
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Step 1: Prep time

This is going to be pretty intense to make so this is the schedule:
1. marinate artichoke
2. prepare stuffing
3. prepare sauces
4. cook artichoke
5. fry mushrooms
6. bake artichoke
7. put the dish together

I'll list the ingredients as we go, so I would suggest reading through the instructions before starting.

Step 2: Marinate artichoke

Picture of Marinate artichoke
- 1 small beet
- half a lemon
- 2 baby artichoke
- a little water

- a blender
- a plastic bag

1. peal the beet and cut it into smaller pieces, just to help out with the blending
2. add the cut up beets and juice of half a lemon into a blender, and blend till smooth
3. prepare the artichoke: cut the stem off, cut the top 1/2" off, snip the tips of the "pedal", and cut the whole artichoke in half
4. mix the blended beet and artichokes and keep it in a plastic bag
5. keep it in the fridge and let the artichoke soak up the color, we'll come back to it later
It's a great instructable the way it is. So what, you have to read a little? I think it would be in your best interest to read through an instructable at least a couple times before tackling it anyways. That way, if you happen to misread or write it down wrong, you can correct it before heading to the store later and making a wrong purchase. It should only take you one read-through to know what you need, unless you are in an absolute rush and do not comprehend what you just read.
nachozombie4 years ago
haven't played mario since the ds version came out...now there are posion mushrooms?
pandadude4 years ago
Cool idea, but if you really want to have this be a good instructable, you should list ALL of the ingredients, sorted by what part of the dish they are for. That way people don't have to read the entire instructable a few times before knowing what they need.
SHIFT!4 years ago
oyujinn894 years ago
you are the winner of my heart