This is my disk launcher it is a close range weapon if you want me to put the rest of the instructions post a comment and comment yes or no.
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Yes Please
This is the COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please post instructions
can u please put the instructions to make it please
please make a instructable
make an instuctable, but make spikey disks
It's a pretty fuzzy picture... Go ahead, but I still think a blow gun would be better as a long range and short range weapon. Ever seen a 4 inch sharpened piano wire stuck through a 2 cm piece of plywood?
yes please do
SR-v1 coming soon!
Your gun rocks!
thanks c my orangeboard for specs on the SR-v1
go post some pics >.>
this weekend i am
killerk dont get me wrong, i do respect u and ur work but in almost every single forum/ instrucatable i see you advertising you stupid 'SR-v1'. not every one acctually cares about it...... it looks rubbish!!! so stop advertising places that should be for disscussing this gun!!!!!
what looks rubbish? your argument confuses me
GOD U R THICK.............. OK SO...T-H-E S-R-V-1 L-O-O-K-S R-U-B-B-I-S-H. O-K? U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-N? A-N-D I A-M M-O-A-N-I-N-G A-B-O-U-T U A-L-W-A-Y-S A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G Y-O-U-R G-U-N-S O-N O-T-H-E-R P-E-O-P-L-E-S I-N-S-T-R-U-C-L-A-B-L-E-S. O-K KILLERK U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay, but this time really do it :P
yes I really want you to give me the instructions
cool, please give me instructions
This should be a forum, and I don't know, as "close range weapon" could mean anything. And there is no pic of the completed launcher.
the completed product is the picture close range means not good at long range or good at close range.
That is completed? And close range is still not descriptive, in airsoft close range is within 20 ft, in combat it is a couple of feet to hand-to-hand combat.
stop being petty.
How am I being small?
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Didn't he die a long time ago, in Egypt?
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Aaha!! But religion is based on belief, if it is proved to be a fact then it is not a belief it is accepted as fact, thus making it science NOT religion.
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How and by whom do I invoke it my lord?
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Oh Forget That! I will just have a holy war with you in the Middle East, we will fight until we have both lost so many men that our beliefs no long exist and then that will be that!
Let the Crusades begin!!!!!!!!!! SSSPPAAAAARRRRTTTTAAAAAAAA!!!!
ain't it a little late for you to be up?
Only 5 past 2am, last night I was awake until 6:30 am doing history coursework.
Petty... not petite DUH! you don't know what it means do u? Hahaha
Yes, petty is being meek, or trivial. Petite is also being small.
Yes thats what i said, petty not petite.
I know, and petty meaning meek or trivial, ergo small, being a synonym of meek and trivial, is an appropriate adjective to use in my query as to how I was being petty.
forget it....(sighs)
like close range what i mean is works best up close like 5-10 feet and yes that is it completed
First Comment, Sure, Post it, but what are the disks it launches? I m guessing White snowflakes?
No super small wheels
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that'll work...

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