Disk Launcher V2





Introduction: Disk Launcher V2

The disc launcher fires each disc at around 30ft hold 3 discs in total also it launches a rubber band with each disc as well!

Remember if you like it +1 Rating!!

Step 1: Constucting the Body

First of all create 2 of these:

Step 2: Constuct the Body Part 2

build one of these:

Step 3: Connect the Body Together

Put the body together with the part of the body in step 2 in the middle and the parts of the body in step 1 either side. Then connect these to gether with 6 blue rods (the black dots are where the blue rods are supposed to go)

Step 4: Build the Trigger

Copy from picture below:

Step 5: Adding the Trigger

First of all remove the grey connector from the top of the two yellow rods And push the trigger up bettween the 3 Parts of the body and add a blue rod with 2 gray connectors each side as shown below (Remember to add the on peice that you took off at the start on after)

Step 6: Adding Elasic Band

Add the elastic band as shown below and add the other end on the othere end between the peices of Knex

Step 7: Adding Extras

Next put some extra peices between the 3 parts of the disc launcher

Step 8: Loading and Firing!

Before you start loading it put a white connector on to the yellow rod to make sure all of the discs fly off the gun.

To fire it, for every shot get an Elastic band and a disc and attach the elatic band on the connector at the end of the gun and the disc on the yellow rod.(dont put on any more than 3!)

To fire it push gently on the trigger until each shot flys off.

Step 9: My Other Instructibles

1. Shadow sniper- maxmuim power with minimal rubberbands!

2. Shadows knex launcher- fires almost anything



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     dude for a gun like this why rate it +1??? i rated +5


    cool gun. I'm new and i don't now how to change display image. Help!

    3 replies

    suuure, and youre display pic just happened to be occoo from zelda?

    (when logged in) click on your name in the top right hand corner, go down the list to settings,near the bottom. click on personality then next to your display image it says change image, once you got that far you can figure out the rest

    this gun is awesome I give u a 5 star rating

    I just built it and I like it! 5 stars!

    This is my modded trigger so you can shoot with one disk, instead of an extra below the trigger.

    2 replies

    You could shoot one disk on its own anyway

    not every time sometimes nothing happens

    if you put the elastic on an extra blue long at the front of the gun like this you don't need a ton of elastics!


    Nice gun dude! Tries it out & made a 3mm dent on my hard wooden door.

    nice gun. bad handle. okay, cuz its easy to make a better handle then the one you have there. nice firing system/triger

    I would if i could but i broke it up ages ago.

    this is actually good, the first gun that stung badly I built

    Super strong But not very accurate