Just some pics i thought id show of the chaos needed just to change the front sight. Im putting a flip up sight on it but couldnt get the flash hider off. Second Pic is the finished Gun. I Put a Flip up front sight, gemtech halo silencer, and G&P m120 high speed motor. Its shooting 17 RPS at 360 Fps.
what did you do? it cant be that hard to remove a front sight... or is it?
its pretty difficult, I have an Echo 1 M16A4 and removed the front sight to add a solid gas block and upgraded it into an SR25, my fps runs about 750fps
I would have to see the Chrono to believe that FPS value, but it sounds epic. <br> <br>
all you have to do is remove the barrel to put a new front sight on you dont have to pull off the flash hider but if you dont want to pull the barrel off look for a small hex wrench and put it in the screw on the bottom of the flash hider
Echo 1 adds a drop of super glue to the hex heads...you have to put the outer barrel extension into HOT water for about 5 min. then put a rag around the flash hider and use a pair of vice grips to get the flash hider off
nice looks like an sr25

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