Introduction: Dispersion Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

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Step 1: How to Create a Dispersion Effect in Photoshop

So over the past couple of years, I've noticed the dispersion effect has become very popular, I myself have made 4 tutorials on this great effect and here's another one. I hope you like it!

Step 2: Download the Stocks That I Used

If you would like to follow along and download the stocks, here's the links.


john_psddude made it! (author)2017-07-21

You can also check this unique Photoshop action Dispersion with Real PNG Images

psddude made it! (author)2017-03-27

I have a Free Dispersion Photoshop action that you might want to try. It has 2 dispersion effects included and also dispersion brushes for customization.

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