In my high school's Industrial Materials class my friend and I use materials and tools provided to us to solve problems. Our teacher Mr. Eberts is a huge fan of Da Vinci and his inventions. He gave us a list of Da Vinci's machines and we decided to try and recreate the Archimedes Screw with some of our own modifications. Because little or no recorded specifications were given to his inventions, our goal was to recreate them the best that we could by what we had seen and logically felt would make it work.


Da Vinci's modifications to the Archimedes screw were to use pipes with a certain number of spirals instead of a hollow cylinder and a rotating inclined plane inside.  An unnamed inventor added the frame to this device and finally, my friend and I added gears to improve efficiency and a box to be able to test this without having to travel to a body of water. The above image is our concept; however, the spirals we did not draw on this computer model because more time would have been wasted drawing them instead of getting to work on it in class.

Step 1: Timeline

This is to get an idea of how long such a project might take!

Price: Area of the whole thing is in the range of 2400-2800 in^2. It may be approaching $120; check your local HD or Lowe’s!
REALLY nice work, boys. I really hope you guys keep making and publishing.

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