Picture of Display A Motorcycle Parking Permit Without Marring Your Paint!
So, you're a college student, a government employee, or just anyone who needs to display a parking permit. You need to display that permit somewhere on the back of your motorcycle, but where oh where can you put it without the potential for marring that beautiful paint of yours? In this article, I'll cover how to create a simple, removable display placard to attach your parking permit(s) to.

Step 1: Make your measurements

Picture of Make your measurements
First, we'll find the dimensions of our license plate and the parking permit. We'll be using the same bolts that hold our license plate in place to hold our placard behind it, and the permit will hang off to one side - where you choose to place it is up to you. 
mjrsting2 years ago
Kawasaki Vulcan? :-)
TechShopJosh (author)  mjrsting2 years ago
Indeed! :) They're fantastic bikes.
I bought a new 2008 900 Vulcan Classic LT...It does quite well, but I wish I went bigger now. But it was the best bang for the buck at the time, that's for sure!
scotth612 years ago
Very nice! Only thing I would do differently is to make it a tad oversize so I could round the corners a bit. I'd be cutting my legs all the time on the sharp corners everytime I walked by it. :-)
barista2 years ago
Well done. Proves that the simplest solution is often the best.
abadfart2 years ago
very nice. here in Hawaii you have to display a safety inspection sticker and this would be a great way
Lorddrake2 years ago