Display Distance by Ultrasonic Sensor and Upload to ThingSpeak





Introduction: Display Distance by Ultrasonic Sensor and Upload to ThingSpeak

This toturial is under D-duino-B platform.

You can easily develop IOT projects by D-duino-B.

D-duino can easily connect to web, and easily to be programmed by Arduino IDE.

Its 1.3 OLED is very helpful.

Today I use D-duino control ultrasonic sensor and display distance successfully and upload to ThingSpeak

at the same time.

Step 1: Prepare

D-duino-B x1

Grove shield for D-duino x1

18650 battery shield V2 x1

Seeed grove ultrasonic sensor x1

Step 2: Connect and Programe

I put this code on my github.


D-duino has its 1.3OLED which is using SH1106.

D1 is SDA, D2 is SCL. Here we use D7 connected to D-duino.

Check pin map you will find D7 is pin 13 if you want to programm under Arduino IDE.

Step 3:

Then you can check with ThingSpeak.

All the data will upload to ThingSpeak by WiFi.

Here I set it upload to ThingSpeak every 10 seconds.

If you want to program with this toturial.

Don't forget to get a ThingSpeal API number first.

And don't forget to fix WiFi and Password in the code.



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    can't download the code.. :(

    Thank you.