Picture of Display Light Box from a Wooden Box

My wife and I gave my Mom a glass sculpture for Christmas. When my Mom opened it my brother piped up with "RadBear (well he actually said my name) could build you a light box!". He said this because as someone who collects glass I've built a couple of light boxes to display my collection.

However, since I'm not a carpenter some of my light boxes aren't pretty and since this is for Mom it has to look good. So I decided to reuse a wooden box I picked up in a thrift store as the basis for the project. This way Mom won't feel obligated to keep a piece of crap in her very nice home.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

This is what I made my light box out of:

* A wooden box with a hinged lid
* 1 piece of glass
* 1 piece of mirror (not pictured)
* 1 piece of cardboard
* 1 white LED
* 1 AAA battery holder
* 1 switch
* 2 Philips head screws
* Scrap wood (I used a chopstick)
* Metal duct repair tape
* E-6000 (or your favorite permanent adhesive)

I plan to use frosted glass spray paint to help diffuse the light, however with the current weather conditions this will have to wait a few months.

The mirror is not pictured as it was added after I finished the project. My wife suggested this addition and it is yet another reason why she is a kick ass human being.

shmuki5 years ago
did anyone else notice the akwardness of the shot in the mirror?
RadBear (author)  shmuki5 years ago
I did, but thought "What the hell I'll keep it in!".
 Hahaha, at least it's not as bad as the shot from eBay that's been circulating on the net for a few years, of a nude person taking a picture of a very reflective tea kettle!
Blofish shmuki5 years ago
I dont SEE how anyone could have missed it! I LMAO
RadBear (author)  Blofish5 years ago
Glad it brightened your day! :)
Yeah, but he's got balls! 
Nice instructable...I like being able to reuse wood boxes.
A single glass one to be exact...
RadBear (author)  artquilter5 years ago
Chromatica5 years ago
Cool! But is the LED bright enough?
RadBear (author)  Chromatica5 years ago
It definitely works better in lower light conditions, but it still does give it a little more emphasis in full light than I was expecting. If you want it to be obvious it is illuminated even in full light you'd have to either use multiple LEDs or a different light source. Most light boxes I've built in the past I've used a brighter light the plus into a wall socket.
Ah! I would probably use a LED Strip.
ChrysN5 years ago
Nicely done!