Display Your Favorite LP Vinyl in Your Wall





Introduction: Display Your Favorite LP Vinyl in Your Wall

Some LPs have great cover art, and besides enjoying great music they are also perfect to be displayed.

Step 1: Buy 3M Command Cord Clips

You can find this in any major home decoration store, supermarket, etc...

Sometimes you find the clear model. I could only find the white one, which is ok for me.

Step 2: Cut It a Little Bit, So It Wont Damage the LP Cover

Just cut the end of it so there is additional space to fit the LP without pressure.

Easy to cut with a scissor.

Note the image comparing before and after cutting.

Step 3: Attach 4 of Them Around the LP, See How It Fits

Need to fit without any stress on the LP so you wont damage it.

Also if you let it a little loose or without pressure, it will be easier to replace the LP with another one when you want it.

Step 4: Position It Carefully, Do a Little Pressure Over the Clips

Easy part, but just pay attention to the orientation/alignment.

Position it and press the Clips against the wall.

The LP is light enough for the 4 Clips, so after 15-20 seconds pressing it, I let it go and it stayed firm and beautiful there.



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Careful. The original shrink wrap plastic can continue to shrink over time, warping your albums.

2 Minutes to Midnight and Losfer Words are a couple of my all-time favs! Thanks fore the blast from the past, oh, and the life hack! :o)

Flash of the Blade, Children of the Damned, hells yeah!!!

iron maiden forever where ever we are .

brings back some good memory's 666

nice idea