Picture of Displays with recycled materials.
I'm a crafter, and use to go to Craft Shows and fairs to sell my products. But, have a nice stand with great displays is something difficult to get, if you don't have enough $$$ to invest on it.

Well, I will show you how to make a simple display for handbands, bracelets or whatever kind of jewerly you sell, using recycled materials.
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Step 1: Choosing the right materials

Picture of Choosing the right materials
My dad was working at home with PVC pipes, he used different sizes, so I "rescue" the scraps and kept them for future projects... and now is time to put hands on it!
If you can't get PVC pipes scraps, try with plastic bottles or another nice material you can recycle.

As I sew, I have a lot of scraps of fabrics and padding from some others projects.
My dad cut 3 PVC pipes sizes I got, very nicely and I just have to cover it with padding and a nice fabric.

Once you clean and dry the PVC pipes, cover (by section), with cold silicone glue, use your hands to fix very tight the padding. 

Step 2: The fabric cover

Picture of The fabric cover
As I want to show the jewerly I made with recycled materials, I went for something with a natural look, like this sackcloth. Just remember to look for a plain color, don't get crazy with printed fabrics... will looks nice, but, you want to show your jewerly, not the displays.

To start gluing the sackcloth, I applied some drops of cold silicone along the padding. Wait a few seconds before and press hard. Let it set well and with the help of the palms, stretch as much as possible the material, to surround it all PVC pipe. Apply a cold silicone double line ... wait a bit and fix it tightly together.

Apply cold silicone on the internal borders (both sides), wait for a bit and fix it tightly. Try to stretch the fabric as much as possible.
streto1 year ago
love your idea, just wonder what is the size of the largest pvc?

many thanks
LuzminasCorner (author)  streto1 year ago
Hi streto!
Those were scraps from a work my dad was doing at my place... I'm (almost) sure it was a 4" PVC pipe. When you add the padding and fabric it looks bigger. ;)
taria3 years ago
not a bad idea. I have some things I could use as well, old pringles cans might work for this right?
LuzminasCorner (author)  taria3 years ago
Hi Taria!
Yes, I think Pringles used cans could be a great idea... and you save the "cutting" . The idea is recycle as much as you can.
mcshawnboy3 years ago
Sweet !
LuzminasCorner (author)  mcshawnboy3 years ago
Thanks McShawnBoy! ;)