Disposable Paper Ammo Rounds for Knex Guns





Introduction: Disposable Paper Ammo Rounds for Knex Guns

There is no mag for this but i like it 100% you can put it at the end of any gun that is comaptible, to use on the ZLG remove the bullet lock, you won't need it since this baby shoots 60 feet with 5 or so bands, highly recommended!!! Now to build there is some pictures and a video for the people who are not sure about it. If it stuffs up, then you haven't made it properly or you didn't read this!!!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage occured by this object and cannot be sued or be fined or compensated. PLease note that building this may require some skill.



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    Hey, when I was in school, we called those whiz-its. We shot each other with them in class with rubber bands. /nostalgia

    called hornets now

    It tends to circle for me... also you can use these in those "pointless" rbg and I have been since I started making them.

    so get a4 paper, cut in half, then half again then i think half again and fold it lenthways and again and again and again the fold in half lengthways and tape the back. Thats vaguely how you do it, without pictures. The RBG is it your one? It will work if the rubberband is placed like the one in the corner cutter, like a sling shot. And it will work on your corner crossbow 2. which rbg?

    It will work as long as you put the bullet between the bands. or stage it up. If you don't understand tell me.

    think for a moment... I said that I use this and your telling me you think i wont understand?

    I meant the STAGE it up part. Sorry for the confusion.

    Wheres ZLG? I can't find it