Disposable Stencil: Yu Morisawa (Magical Angel Creamy Mami)

Picture of Disposable Stencil: Yu Morisawa (Magical Angel Creamy Mami)
So goes the old adage:- my anime fandom is too old/uncool, so I must make my own fanart!

I really like stencil art, but am not rebellious enough to go desecrate the city streets. Cutting stencils out of heavy cardboard requires a lot of patience, so instead I've opted for generic computer paper. Of course, this renders the reusable manufacturing aspect of the stencil obsolete, as paper of a certain gsm weight can only withstand soaking so much paint.

This is, the disposable stencil. Sharpen your exacto blades.
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Step 1: Find your reference image!

Picture of Find your reference image!
Via Google images, for the win. Don't know what artists did for reference images before then.

Step 2: Tracey tracey TRACE!

Picture of Tracey tracey TRACE!
A lot of the time it seems like the life of a design student is tracing with the pen tool in Illustrator, but no kidding, its strangely cathartic in the way its reminiscent of an never-ending dot-to-dot puzzle, and you always end up with a pretty cool looking vector after all your hard work.

Sure, there's a mass of lines in the example, but I actually traced the 'separate colours' on a different layers so I could print them out on different pages. I think this step could easily be achieved using your basic MS paint too.
why does the stencil have to be "disposable"? if i did this i'd make it with transparency paper(the clear plastic stuff). it doesn't tear or absorb paint and (initially) you can see through it which might help aligning
oliphant (author)  carpe_noctem6 years ago
Because I find paper much easier and faster to cut.. and the post modernity in it all is creating a useless, one-time-stencil that is both unique and is the ultimate destructable instructable.
I got a pack of vellum paper by nistake once. It is a kind of plasticy semi transparent stuff. not quite transparency film, not quite paper. I think it will work well for this type of stencil.
DrSimons7 years ago
Nice! I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but with thicker paper or card stock. An idea worth trying would be to attach all the layers together in the corner in a way that lets them rotate, so you just flip to the next layer (especially if you want to do it quickly).
oliphant (author)  DrSimons7 years ago
Since I did the layers in Illustrator, all the stencils line up perfectly if you keep it aligned to your page. Sponging takes some patience, but with card stock and spray paint, it could work!
xtank57 years ago
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! Dude you rule. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. This will come in handy. >:)
oliphant (author)  xtank57 years ago
Aw shucks, I just invented this technique out of necessity. Would love to know how it goes.