I am a world traveler and have been to 90 countries. I need a tripod to make videos, and finally found and easy way to make one in each city or country I enter.

Step 1: Buy Materials at Plumbing Place

This can be many things in many countries, but you need 1/2 or 3/4 in PVC used for plumbing, rigid ,not flexible, and electrical conduit will work. I sometimes make three sizes.

Small for on top of a table.

(Best) Medium that will be head height when sitting at a table on a chair.

Large that would allow me to stand and look at it - Note, you can cut holes in the legs and move it up and down on the leg also.

So to make the best you buy 15 foot, will come as 20 foot, cut to length. - Measure your eye level sitting in chair.

Have them cut into pieces, and ask them to tie the three pieces up with rope.

There will probably be a piece extra.

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