Disposable Unisex Travel Urinal





Introduction: Disposable Unisex Travel Urinal

You know the drill.  You're on a road trip, miles before the next stop.  One of your kids needs to go.  Or worse yet, YOU need to go.  Pulling over by the side of the road isn't an option- perhaps too much traffic, or you have a sleeping baby that you don't want to wake.

My wife has purchased disposable travel urinals before, but they cost $1.50 to $2 each.  This is cheaper. 

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need:

1 disposable cup (I use old ones destined for the garbage)
1 plastic newspaper sleeve (again re-used).  Alternatively you could use the little baggies made for dog poop.
1 diaper booster pad, or bladder control pad.  Alternatively, you could repurpose unused diapers your child has outgrown
tape (duct or shipping tape)

Step 2: Make a Receptacle

Cut the bottom out of the cup

Step 3: Make a Container

Shove the booster pad into the newspaper sleeve as pictured.  There's no need to remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side of the pad.  Then, trim off some of the excess of the newspaper sleeve

If you've got one of the dog waste bags instead, you've got more room to work with. You can attach the pad to the outside of the bag using the sticky backing of the pad, then turn the bag inside out.

If you're using an old unused diaper, cut out the middle absorbant part of the diaper and use that.

Step 4: Attach Receptacle and Container

Insert the cup into the plastic sleeve.  Then tape the whole thing together.

Step 5: Enjoy

Men: Put/point your junk in the cup and go. 
Ladies:  Press the cup to your lady areas and go.

By the way, were you disgusted by the first picture showing me using the urinal?  HA!   Fooled you.  I'm not really peeing in this picture.  I am squirting water colored with food coloring from a squirt bottle.  Don't believe me?  Here's a picture proving it.

I emptied a 16oz squirt bottle into this urinal, then turned the whole thing upside down almost immediately.  No runs, drips, or errors.

16oz is a pretty healthy amount of pee.  I've peed more before, but only after drinking copious amounts of beer, which you shouldn't be doing in a car anyway.  So I think this has got you covered.



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    Can I expect to see these on the side of the road somewhere in a town near you?

    This is brilliant.

    Makes me think about all the Pepsi containers I see on the side of the road with a yellow liquid inside.

    1 reply

    maybe that's why rednecks like mountain dew so much. It is easy to disguise the bottle for other purposes.
    Or even better, Squirt. They love that stuff too. So do it.

    thanks! I think i want one for my nightstand.

    Good volume capability, wide opening, and a clever idea. And the lead image is nearly-scandalous.

    1 reply

    dude, that won't work for chicks LOL. i even tried one out but i laughed and peed all over myself. here is my story: http://www.prettypowertools.com/2010/02/go-girl.html/#more-46

    1 reply

    hmmm, well you're the expert on your lady parts. My wife has used the kind you buy without a problem and didn't see an issue with this one. We have a minivan though, so it gives her some room to stand up a little. Probably would be harder to maneuver your mystery place otherwise.