Step 4: Assembling the coilgun

- Desolder the wires connected to the flash tube (and to the reflector attached to it) and mark the places where the two main wires were.

- Wind a coil using the enameled wire and the plastic ballpoint-pen. Do this by turning the wire around the tube. The coil should be about 2,5cm long. Wind several (about 10) layers on top of eachother, but don't forget to insulate each layer with electrical tape.

- Scrape off the coating of the enameled wire at the ends of your coil; enameled wire-coating isn't conductive

- Solder one end of the coil to one connection where the flash-tube was before. Solder the light-switch to the other end of the coil, and the other end of the light-switch to the other flash-tube-connection.

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