Step 5: Glue

Apply super strong glue to the base of the disposable flatware and stick them around the circle. Keep enough space for the mechanism. You will have to stick it too.
<p>Everybody wonders where I bought this clock, cause it looks amazing. Thank you for this idea, it was fun making it. :)</p>
https://www.instructables.com/id/Iteration-on-the-Disposable-flatware-clock-by-Samu/ <br> <br>I tried my best to give you the proper credit :)
Like like like :) in this link you can find more colorful ones http://loopstyle.se/2012/03/10-different-d-i-y-cutlery-upcycles/<br><br>thks
You might want to use different colored hands for ease in use. Maybe white.
Great look. I had an idea some while back to do this with regular flatware. Yours is probably more easily doable and possibly better looking.
Brilliant idea, and it looks SO contemporary and stylish! I love it!
To make the '12:00' position stand out, you could use a knife for that position.
Really cool
EXCELLENT! Crafty! Simple, plain and neat to use the Shakers' terms!
And it's so lightweight!
I did this when i went through my clock phase ( i go through craft phases :-))<br>only it was metallic silver. great job!
Nice one
I like it! Great idea!

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