Introduction: Distance Measurement Project Using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

I made this project during my engineering. This a very simple mini project using arduino. You need arduino, ultrasonic sensor, LCD, 10-15 lines of simple code and boom your project is done.


The system displays distance of any target object. The distance is calculated based on time taken by ultrasonic waves to hit the target object and bounce back to the receiver. It can be used in vehicle parking, measurement of depth of liquids in tanks and for counting number of objects.

Components Required:


2.Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04

3.LCD 16x2

4.Pot 10k

5.Jumper wires M-M



Arduino IDE (This can be downloaded from )

Complete description and code is given in above images.

.ino file (Code) to be uploaded to arduino is given below


Swansong (author)2017-03-09

Thanks for sharing :)

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