Picture of Distill Water Using Minimal Supplies
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need reliably clean water, and you only have (what appears to be) garbage on hand, this may be one of your options.

This would be a likely option if you have reason to believe that filtering the water would not be enough. Make sure to check out Instructables about water filtration, it's useful!

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Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
To use this method, we will need:
- A handful of straws (maybe 3-5) (bendy straws are best)
- A sharp implement (My Zebra F-301 was used in this project)
- Two cans of soda (And I'd like to hear about why Dr Pepper works best for this)
- A source of active heat (hot enough to boil water)

Some foil is recommended to make this project easier and more efficient, but is not vital to its operation. I will demonstrate how to use it if you have it. For this Instructable, I'll demonstrate using a campfire as my source of heat.

Step 2: Drink Dr Pepper

Picture of Drink Dr Pepper
This is probably the most difficult step: Drink that carbonated sugar-water!

Just kidding, it's the easiest part.

The other can will be used in a more... Special way.

Step 3: Puncture the Other Can

Picture of Puncture the Other Can
Now, carefully, puncture the other can using your sharp implement. I find this easiest to do by lying the can on its side and tapping the sharp implement carefully. The hole should be placed on the side of the can, as close to the bottom as you can get it. Using firewood or a rock makes it easier to tap carefully until the can is just punctured.

Drink all the Dr Pepper through the tiny hole. Make sure your friends are watching and taking pictures, because this is rather entertaining. Be careful to avoid denting the can.

When the can is empty, wiggle the sharp implement in the hole to widen it very carefully. The object here is to get the hole wide enough to cram a straw into it, yet still small enough that steam won't escape around the straw.
Isn't this poisonous? Heating aluminum cans or melting them, produces some nasty stuff
V-Man_737 (author)  HelmutHound1 year ago
The water is turned into a gas and forced into the other container, where it condenses into pure water. It has fewer aluminum impurities than your tap water.
I personally drank 12 ounces of it and haven't gotten sick from it at all.

Although, you probably don't want to make the cans so hot that they melt.

A quick Google search brings me this and this.