So I was getting annoyed with not knowing the content of what was coming out of the still until I put it in a testing tube and put in my spirit hydrometer.

I knew about people who have made parrots and liked the idea of seeing the proof coming out in a more real time way than the way that I was doing it. I have been planning to make a parrot but most of them seemed very plain to me until I saw one on one of the facebook feeds I had subscribed to, I don't recall which one, may have been copper porn. anyway I figured I could make that and it looked kinda cool.

the basic princeable of a parrot is that you have a tube with your hydrometer in it, and new spirit comes in the bottom of the tube and the older stuff over spills the top of the tube and is caught by a funnel which then carries it away in a little tube and you can catch this with your jars or jugs. but because its always flowing through the main tube you can see more accurately what is coming out of the still proof / percentage wise.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

heres a list of what you will need


22mm Copper pipe

6mm copper pipe

a small piece of 8mm copper pipe

125mm x 125mm copper plate 0.5mm thick

22mm copper end cap

35mm to 22mm copper reducer

45mm to 15mm reducer

15mm to 8mm reducer


Blow torch

lead free solder

solder flux

heat proof mat

pipe cutters for the 22mm, 8mm and 6mm pipes.

a clamp

a small vice

a drill with a 6mm metal drill bit

for cleaning

dish soap

cheap vinegar

hot water

some alcohol spirit, foreshots are fine from a previous run.

metal polish and 2 lint free rags
<p>One final step, add a wad of copper or stainless steel wool at the bottom to help prevent breakage of your hydrometer. Just in case you drop it in rather than lower it, or bump the empty parrot if you store the hydrometer in it.</p>
I normally put the hydrometer in when there is liquid in there, and I normally store it in the plastic tube i bought it in ;-)
here's my parrot. I had to make my main tube 1&quot; to fit my hydrometer. and the base is a 50 to 22mm reducer left over from another project. I've only tried it with water but it seems to do the trick
looking good ;-)
Smearing is when your cuts get mixed together. Say you're still collecting hearts. When the tails start it will take time before you realize it b/c the parrot takes time to fill.
Are you guys worried about smearing with all of those spirals? Never used a parrot so I don't know if it's even an issue.
what do you mean smearing?
A little redesign based on parts availability but it's finished. Thanks for the inspiration. After a couple mistakes and trips to get parts ... it would've been less expensive to order one. But know i know how to make one!
<p>that's what it's all about inspiration, its good to put your own slant on another design. good job</p>
Have to order parts for the inlet because I haven't yet found them locally ... will try to remember to post update when finished.
I just have two questions. #1. Where do I get the parts? #2 can you tell me the size of parts in inches instead of millimeters? The rest is a piece of cake. I've been soldering copper for years! Thanks for the instructions
1) plumbing shops/ ebay 2) and use google to do the conversion stop being lazy ;-)
Could you make it out of PVC pipe? It would be cheaper and easier to make I think
You may end up picking up chemicals from the plastic
I made it but did the spiral from the input and straight from the overflow lol
<p>Not bad, your soldering is getting better too ;-) nice job</p>
It needs to get a lot better lol
Figured it would cool input more before hydrometer!
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Hi, the email you had should have had a link to verify your account in it.
Nope i only got the first email there is no link<br>It says you have to post to activate but you cant post until you are activated lol<br>Just wondered if you coukd ask or pm an admin cheers
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<p>your's looks great good job. I made one the same but found my alcometer was too tight and the alcohol was pushing to meter up. i couldn't find a smaller one so I modified mine using inch tube and now it works great thanks for the idea it's so much easier to distill when you know what's coming out. ps my soldering let me down a bit doesn't look as good as yours. </p>
Nice parrot design. You mentioned that you think you may have seen a parrot on Copper Porn's page- I like that page. Have you seen my page, Uncle Lemon's House Of Homemade Hooch?
yes I have, because its your page ;-), I think you joined instructable's because I posted my Tennessee Whiskey instructable on your page.<br><br>I do like seeing all the stuff that comes up on your FB page, anyone else reading this its well worth adding this page to your list.
<p>Made 2 so far and I tried it out today and it works great. I didn't put a base on them yet as I didn't have copper plate and I was going to make a wooden base. I couldn't wait to try it so I tied it to the keg and now I am thinking of making a hook that will hang it from the keg.</p><p>One design change I made was to make the overflow cup just a little lower than the flotation chamber.</p>
looks great, so pleased you thought my instructable was good enough for you to make your own
<p>So I took a section of copper pipe and hammered it flat in the middle, wrapped it around the top of the funnel and soldered it into place. I then placed the parrot against the keg and bent the ends over the lip to make a hook.</p><p>Works great.</p>
<p>Nice adaptation, the only thing that would concern me is copper is a great conductor of heat and you will get a different reading on the hydrometer when the fluid is warmer so it may not be as accurate, but I dont think it will be that far out.</p><p>Nice job ;-)</p>
<p>It hasn't made enough of a difference to worry about. and it is really handy set up like that.</p>
<p>Great, I know what I am going to make this weekend. Thanks!</p>
awesome, don't forget to upload pics

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